Employee Ownership Trust (EOT)

‘An EOT places the business in the hands of people who understand what makes it tick, have a strong personal commitment to its long-term success and are highly motivated by their ownership to make it thrive.’

In 2021, we transferred the majority ownership of Lytle Associates Architects (LAA) to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).

Our four experienced directors – Darren Page, Sara Waterfield, Mark Furner and Richard Wilkinson – continue to run the company.

Our EOT has a board of trustees that includes members of staff and an external advisor. This group works to nurture and promote our collaborative culture and to enhance all that we do, ensuring that the best interests of our employees are consistently met.

Establishing Lytle Associates Architects as an EOT has secured our sustainable independence whilst giving us control over our own future.

We believe that this has strengthened our commitment and further improved the quality of the service we give all our clients.