Property Refurbishment – Warwicks Bench

Jonathan Tan
Associate Director at Lytle Associates Architects

The extension and refurbishment of an existing property, creating a spacious family home with views across Guildford. The site is in close proximity to the high street and in an excellent urban location.

The refurbishment and extensions are in a contemporary style, this meets with the eclectic mix of arts and crafts, 1960’s and 70’s styles and contemporary properties found within the context of the site.

The extension was designed to be subservient to the existing property with the ridge and eaves heights maintained. The extension is cranked to mitigate the bulk of the dwelling and is split into two clear elements.

A gabled section which maintains the traditional roof and a link which steps in height reducing the scale and preserving the residential character of the building.

New dormers have been introduced across the South facade opening up views across Guildford. In order to ensure the private amenity is maintained the house plan has the bedroom spaces on the ground floor and living spaces on the first floor of the property.

From the September 2020, it is intended that the General Permitted Development Order and the Use Classes Order will change opening the possibilities for expanding your property.

Homeowners or developers can add an additional two storeys to your two-storey home, whilst owners of one-storey properties may add an additional storey.

For both detached and semidetached properties, the proposed house cannot exceed 18 meters in height and terraced properties cannot extend 3.5 meters higher than the next tallest house within the terrace. Although some hurdles may apply such as the impact on neighbouring properties, design, and impact on protected views.

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