West Bergholt Masterplan

Planning approval for exciting new residential developments providing 25 new dwellings over two sites in West Bergholt, Colchester.

Darren Page
Director at Lytle Associates Architects

Lytle Associates Architects were part of the design team that has recently gained planning approval for exciting new residential developments on two sites in West Bergholt, Colchester. The areas had been identified for housing under the neighbourhood plan and our illustrative outline masterplans proposed a collective total of 25 new dwellings over the two sites.

The sites are within walking distance of the centre of West Bergholt and occupy prominent locations along the main Colchester Road. The sites therefore offer a unique opportunity to develop new sustainable residential areas reinvigorating this area of West Bergholt.

Key concepts of the scheme focussed on the semi-rural location and opportunities to reinforce and enhance the green networks and areas for wildlife. In particular new landscape corridors and wildlife buffer zones, supplemented by strengthened boundary planting, provide valuable new habitats and natural screening. Other key decisions include locating development away from the boundaries, to concentrate dwellings towards less sensitive areas of the plot.

Lytle Associates were assisted throughout by a broad team of design professionals who supported a wide range of concepts from crucial planning strategies to the development of sustainable drainage systems and swales.

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