Lytle Associates 3d Visuals

As architects we are naturally good at visualising space and most of us can imagine walking through a building just by looking at a plan.

For our clients that is not always so easy.

That is where 3D models, renders and walk throughs can really help.

At LAA we often build 3D models of buildings at early design stage, allowing us to generate 3D views and insert our model into photographs of the site so that clients can ‘see’ the vision.

We can also test options and show how these will look – which is useful for us, and can be invaluable when making presentations to neighbours or planning officers.


A 3D revit model allows us to virtually walk through the space, giving clients a genuine understanding of the design proposals.

We can check the view from a seat or the impact of the sun at a certain time of year.

3D modelling helps us understand our building designs better, and enables us to communicate better with our clients.

This selection of images have all been produced in-house using our own team and resources – for concept stage and competitions, to support planning applications or to explore detailed design development.

Some of the projects have been built, others remain at concept stage.

In all cases 3D visualisations have helped us to achieve improved design communication and better outcomes for our clients.

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