Our 35th Anniversary: The Late 2000s

Our favourite projects from the late noughties!

We were successful in winning an architectural competition for a new sixth form centre at St Peter’s School. The design of the project delivers on the brief to reflect the students’ forward thinking and the world in which they aspire to live through a contemporary design which would encompass the focus of the school as a catholic community.

The building incorporates a ground source heat pump, rainwater harvesting and high levels of insulation. The striking entrance façade comprises double height glazing rising to a dramatic floating roof.

Also included is the Metro. An innovative and contemporary flatted development of 10 units on a postage stamp site that yielded high density in a highly sustainable town centre location adjacent to the railway station.

Gently curving away from the eye, the building naturally draws you to and then away from its form. The Walnut Tree Close elevation is wrapped in a blanket of render along this curve which appears as though it can be peeled away from the facade. The railway station elevation has a sculptural quality and offers a spine to the curved building front. Whilst the cedar-clad top storey completes the exclamation point this prominent site demands.