Planning approval for 5 new dwellings in Crawley

Lytle Associates Architects have recently gained planning approval for 5 new, 5 bed dwellings in Crawley, Sussex. The scheme provides much needed new homes on an underdeveloped plot of land in an attractive and sustainable location.

Our firm was appointed to submit an application for the site following the recent refusal of a scheme proposed by another party. We worked closely with the client to address the various issues raised by the Local Authority whilst retaining the clients ambitions for the site.

The proposed development will follow the demolition of an existing single dwelling, which adjoins an area of ancient woodland to the rear. The site is bounded by rows of post-War housing, but screened on all sides by dense trees.

Our designs have been influenced by nearby Arts and Crafts houses presenting a more varied and characterful appearance, that nonetheless read as part of a holistic development. This is achieved through a mix of housetypes that have differing roofscapes.

The façades are articulated with low eaves and steeply pitched roofs to maximise light between the units and help create a feeling of openness across the site. The centrepiece of each unit is a gable; on the larger dwellings, featuring a bay window and tile hanging. The second dwelling type uses a simple brick gable to ensure each unit has a distinct identity. Oak framing and brick detailing soften the façades and exemplify the ‘hand-crafted’ approach to the development.

The proposal also provides a 15m buffer zone to the Ancient Woodland outside of the rear gardens to the houses and an improved dedicated access allowing for its future management, protecting the ancient woodland habitat. The high-quality design also achieves plentiful rear garden space and sunlight levels.