Our 35th Anniversary: The Early 2000s

Our favourite projects this week come from the early Noughties. Including the major refurbishment and extension of the House of Fraser, Guildford which provided an additional 30,000 sq.ft. of trading space at the heart of the Town Centre conservation area. The scheme was carefully designed to be sensitive to its historic High Street context while creating a dynamic new retail environment. Including the addition of a 7 storey high atrium space containing the new feature escalator core.

The existing store was completely refurbished and the original rooftop water garden, designed by renowned landscape architect G.A. Jelicoe, was given a new lease of life as part of a new rooftop restaurant and viewing area.

We also have enjoyed a long-running working partnership with the University of Surrey dating back to 1987. Carrying out the Lecture Block refurbishment, a phased refurbishment of existing lecture block carefully planned and sequenced to keep the building in use throughout. Upgrading and redecoration of lecture theatres, rationalised circulation spaces, upgrading toilets, external windows and doors, reroofing and replacement roof glazing.