Planning permission for 10 new build dwellings, Tongham

We are delighted to have been granted planning permission for 10 new build residential dwellings on a vacant parcel of land to the west of Grange Road, Tongham.

Working as part of a wider consultant team, important design decisions were taken to ensure that the proposals were sympathetic to the existing landscape and local area. Promoting an appropriate and distinctive new development whilst respecting the overall scale and character of the locality and the countryside beyond.

The Scheme adopts a traditional Surrey style that is appropriate to its rural-urban fringe location, utilising a distinctive palette of materials, colours, and textures giving the development its own distinctive character and sense of place. The materials included plain clay roof tiles, tile-hanging with feature club tiles, facing brick and render and timber cladding. The traditional architectural detailing maintains the conventional style ensuring that the proposals sit comfortably within the local context.

With thanks to

Andrew Black Consulting


Venta Acoustics


Keen Consultants

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Willow Tree Homes