Football stand concept design

Concept design for a new all seater football stand with clubhouse facilities. Team and match official changing rooms and club offices are located on the ground floor, whilst the clubroom, bar, classroom, and kitchen are located on the first floor. Players enter the field directly in the centre of the stand allowing for direct interaction with fans.

The scheme has been designed in a contemporary manner intended to be domestic in scale in terms of its massing and height, white facing bricks grounds the proposal at the lower level and is set against composite timber cladding panels of three different shades at the first floor with louvred panels over the openings. A protruding tower houses an internal lift and stair connecting the two floors, whilst a saw tooth roof allows natural light to be added to the formal club areas at first floor.

A cantilevering roof sails over the concrete terraced seating which is set directly off the clubroom and bar separated by glazed screens, allowing for users to easily socialise before, during and after the match.