Celebrating ‘Women in Construction’

Introducing Lucy Butler, an Architect at Lytle Associates

‘I feel that building and space design benefits from input from a wide variety of perspectives. We all bring different knowledge and experience to the table and therefore a good balance across not only gender but age, race and background will ensure that our buildings meet the needs of all users.’   

Lucy has always been creative and very much enjoyed art at school. As she excelled in maths and science, she was keen to have a career that married her creativity with these strengths. Following a positive work experience at an architectural practice, together with encouragement from teachers and parents, Lucy decided that architecture was a good choice for her.

A Levels in Art, Graphics (DT), Maths and Environmental Science gave her a broad base on which to start her career. Lucy went on to complete her first degree at the University of Bath and  a Masters at Oxford Brookes followed, with an Urban Design specialism. She joined Lytle Associates Architects as a Part II student in 2016 before completing her Part III at Brighton.

Lucy loves to get involved in our large planning and masterplan projects, particularly in the education sector, and enjoys working alongside Sara Waterfield. She thrives on the variety of projects that we work on in the office, and with an ever-evolving construction industry, finds that there are always new technologies to learn about and new challenges to tackle and overcome.