Planning Permission for Young Epilepsy

We are delighted to announce planning approval has been granted for a range of masterplan developments at Young Epilepsy in Lingfield.  The is the culmination of four years of working closely with the client to understand how the estate works, complete stakeholder consultation, capacity audits and accommodation analysis to inform a long-term campus masterplan.

Our masterplan offers a holistic and targeted approach that will secure the long-term future of the unique Young Epilepsy estate. It sets out a pragmatic and exciting vision for the future of the Young Epilepsy facilities, following the sale of a portion of land to the west of the site. The design centres around a core of high-quality bespoke and listed buildings, including a new Heritage Square at the heart of the campus. Projects include two new wings to the existing special needs college to consolidate and improve provision, new high-quality courtyard spaces for students and staff, refurbishment of the listed granary and barn and a new on-site shop. There is also a site-wide review of parking, infrastructure and landscaping and a consolidated building footprint in the green belt setting.